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Fatty Liver Symptoms

All You Need To Know To HEAL NOW

Best Supplements For Fatty Liver Disease

There are several different dietary supplements available on the market today that can help alleviate issues that are associated with having a fatty liver. In order to properly treat this condition it is important that you fully understand what a fatty liver is and what causes this condition to occur.

What is Fatty Liver?

fatty liver

A fatty liver is known in the medical field as a condition called Steatosis or Steatosis Hepatitis. Steatosis is the accumulation of excessive amounts of fat inside of your liver cells. Some of the possible causes of steatosis include eating an unhealthy diet, consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverage, or certain diseases such as Diabetes or Reye’s syndrome.

What are the Symptoms of Steatosis?

Being diagnosed with steatosis can be tricky since there are very few symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Individuals who have steatosis may start to feel more tired than usual or experience soreness in the abdominal area. A blood test is the only way to properly diagnose someone with steatosis. At a more advance stages of the disease some serious symptoms will start to appear. You can read more about it in our home page

The Best Supplemental Treatment for Fatty Liver

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement that has been shown to treat fatty liver disease. Milk Thistle seeds are used for various medical purposes and can help your liver to re-grow and replenish brand new cells. It may also be used to protect the liver from exposure to harmful toxins.


The popular fatty acid Omega-3 is highly recommended for the treatment of fatty liver disease. That is because this supplement contains non-saturated fat and works as an antioxidant as well.


Selenium can help to reduce the deposition of fatty acids inside the liver. When an individual has a selenium deficiency, there will eventually be an excessive amount of fat inside of the liver. Taking a selenium supplement can help to decrease the amount of fat and treat fatty liver disease.

Oregon Grape Root

Another helpful supplement to take for fatty liver disease is Oregon Grape Root. This supplement is also known as Mahonia Aquifolium. This supplement is a powerful antioxidant that can support the healing of wounds as well as irritated body tissue. It helps with steatosis by stimulating the liver in order to relieve liver congestion.

It is important that you always consult with your doctor before you begin taking any type of supplement. They will be able to inform you on possible side effects, the right dosage to take and what the best supplements will be for your disorder.

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