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Fatty Liver Symptoms

All You Need To Know To HEAL NOW

Can Fatty Liver Disease be Reversed?

Fatty Liver Disease is probably best known as a disease for alcoholics. Almost all alcoholics develop the disease, which, for many of us, means we do not have to look too much farther than our close ones (or ourselves?) who drink a few too many on an all-too-regular basis. Many of these people do not even know they have the disease because it doesn’t always produce early symptoms.

 Can Fatty Liver Disease be Reversed?

According to WebMD, Fatty Liver Disease is defined as liver in which fat makes up more than 5-10% of its weight. That composition can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms, including nausea, fatigue, abdomen pain, internal bleeding, and in the most extreme of cases, liver failure.

This condition can also develop in non-drinkers, though figuring out why is obviously a bit more complex. A link to Type 2 Diabetes has been established, but that is only one possibility. Other possibilities include medicinal side effects, malnutrition, and even a genetic component.

So the question is, can this disease be reversed? Is there any hope for those who are already ill? Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix (effective pills) for fatty liver disease but there is a cure. For drinkers, the answer is obvious: quit drinking. For all the rest – It’s all about diet.
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Some causes of the disease like malnutrition and obesity can improved or even corrected. Losing weight is often an essential for someone with the disease, but the disease can also makes that weight loss very difficult. For this reason, a proper diet and exercise routine are recommended.

For some, probiotics, Vitamin E, or fish oil have proved to be helpful, while others with irreparable livers inevitably need a transplant.

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