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Fatty Liver Symptoms

All You Need To Know To HEAL NOW

Liver Cleansing Herbs

Your liver is the body’s best defense against toxins that might invade it. It also helps with your metabolism and digestion, while removing harmful substances already present in it. Harmful substances; such as, additives and pollutants. Liver cleansing herbs help cleaning the liver and allow it to clear the blood and regain maximum health.

Listed below are four liver cleansing herbs that work.



Few people are aware that every spring nature produces a powerful liver cleaning substance known as the dandelion. Sure, it is a pesky weed that people don’t enjoy popping up in their yard, but it can help improve the health of your liver. Research has shown that dandelion can treat swelling of the liver and aid in other digestive issues, so stock up on some dandelion tea next time you head to the store. Also, to make the tea effective you will need to drink about two cups twice a day.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

This herb helps protect your liver by reducing the amount of damaging substances from invading the liver. It also helps regenerate healthy new liver cells after damage has taken place. Milk Thistle tea contains a beneficial nutrient known as glutathion to aid in detoxification. You need to consume at least three cups of tea every other day to get the best benefits from the the herb.



This Indian spice is used in curries and has been found to aid the liver in cleansing itself of harmful toxins. It also has the ability to produce healthier liver cells while increasing the amount of bile. Bile is needed to reduce inflammation of the liver and to stimulate digestion. If you decide to take turmeric then you can also look for it in the form of tablets and capsules.

Chanca Piedra

chanca piedra

People who live in the Amazon swear that this herb protects the body from kidney and gallbladder stones while it helps the liver strengthens its natural defenses. It reduces the amount of inflammation in the body and increases production of bile.

Herb are very effective at cleaning the liver and reducing inflammation but as long as you keep the root of the disease active it will be very hard to create long term healthy liver. That’s is why the Most effective fatty liver treatment is actually a special cleansing diet. you can read more about it on the homepage.

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